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Worker Seagull
  • Worker Seagull

    The Seagull is a brand new blaster from Worker.


    It's a compact yet powerful springer boasting 150 - 170fps out of the box (depending on your setup), yet is approximately 25% shorter than the Harrier. Perfect for certain CQB games where you need a smaller blaster that's a bit more nimble.


    Two springs are included in the box along with two barrels. These will enable you to tune performance between 150 and 180fps depending on your needs.


    The Seagull is also the first blaster to feature a 15 dart curved Talon mag which is opaque black plastic. The blaster is compatible with other standard talons and similar 3rd party mags.


    This first batch is a limited edition of the Seagull that features all metal rails and luminous iron sights.

    • Features


      • Metal side and top rails
      • 1.4 x 250mm spring
      • 1.4 x 280mm spring
      • 210mm barrel
      • 310mm barrel
      • Luminous machined iron sights
      • Curved 15 dart talon magazine
      • Plastic SCAR barrel
      • Fixed stock
      • Compatible with buffer tube stocks

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