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Nightingale - Full Auto

Nightingale - Full Auto

It's hard to believe that Worker could make the Nightingale any better, yet here we are.

The full auto variant sports all of the pep of the original, but it takes less effort to empty a mag.

The two-stage trigger gives you full control. Squeeze out one dart or two, or simply hold the trigger down and dump the whole magazine if things get a bit naughty.


This listing is for the 'ultra' variant of the blaster which sports Worker neo motors and hits around 130fps.

Please bare in mind that the Nightingale only takes the slim Nightingale mags. Normal Talons do not fit.

Owing to the geometry of the Nightingale's flywheel geometry, they tend to not like darts with hard or wide heads. In fact, they're allergic to them. They tend to jam in the flywheels and burn out the motors. For that reason, we only recommend Worker darts.


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