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Nightingale Magazine Bumper
  • Nightingale Magazine Bumper

    Nightingale mags are becoming ever more popular due to the slim, compact design. But they are often less robust than Talon magazines 


    These bumpers are molded from flexible PU plastic and protect the base of the magazines from knocks and bangs. Dropping a nightingale mag can often dislodge the end cap and send the spring flying across the floor, these bumpers not only reduce the impact with surfaces, but also help retain the end cap and magazine innards.


    Fitting is super simple, you just have to push them on and they grip the mag snuggly. For easier fitting, we suggest that you soak the cap in hot water for a few minutes before fitting. This will soften the material and make it much more supple.


    Price is for one bumper.


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