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XShot Longshot Plunger Tube
  • XShot Longshot Plunger Tube

    XShot changed the game when they released the Longshot, but it has one common issue. Fortunately, it's an easy fix.

    The acrylic plunger tube is prone to cracking under the mechanical stress of use. Whilst this may often go unnoticed, if the crack is large enough, it will cause air to leak from the tube and that will affect performance.

    This replacement plunger tube is made from aluminium and simply drops in place of the old one. The included o-ring replaces the stock one on the plunger head to ensure a tight seal.

    If you're looking to upgrade your 'LonXShot', this part is a MUST.

    • Disassembly Required

      Please note that the blaster will need to be disassembled to install this part. Please familiarise yourself with the equipment and processes required before installing mod parts.

      Please get in touch if you have any issues.


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