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Unicorn Blaster
  • Unicorn Blaster

    The Unicorn is the first nerf blaster from XYL toys, a Chinese company already renowned for their gel blasters.


    This super compact and lightweight blaster fills a gap in the market as a high quality, 130fps blaster which makes it suitable for most games in the UK community.


    Built from injection moulded nylon, this thing packs all of the quality of the Worker Harrier but in a much smaller and more versatile package. If you regularly play at 130fps games and you want a blaster that offers more consistency and quality than your current primary, then look no further.


    The blaster includes collapsible stock, bottle/nerf stock accessory, two mags and a long barrel option in case you want to increase your FPS.


    If you're looking for more oomph then the Unicorn can satisfy your needs. Using the longer barrel and with some air seal improvements, you can get up to 170fps out of this little beast. Bare in mind that we don't consider this blaster to be designed for the high numbers. If you regularly play at high fps games then you might want to consider something built for that purpose.


    Please note, although this blaster is called 'Unicorn', it does not support any of the features of the mythical beast. It is not magical, drinking it's blood does not make you immortal, and it's horn will not give you the power to plunge the world into eternal night. Having said that, it's poop is rare so it does give at least some merit to the proverb.

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