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N20 Gear Motor

N20 Gear Motor

N20 gear motors are used in a lot of community blasters to power pusher and feed mechanisms. The tiny size makes it perfect for compact blasters and the metal gear train makes it a robust and reliable option.

We have two versions of this motor available but they can actually be used in 4 different ways depending on your needs.

We have 600rpm and 300rpm versions available. These speeds are measured on 2S but the motors can actually run happily at 3S giving you 1000rpm and 600rpm respectively.

300rpm is a little slow for a pusher in our opinion but might work well for some pusher arrangements. 600rpm is a good speed for full auto as it gives a pretty decent rate of fire, whilst still keeping good fire control. 1000rpm is crazy fast. Great for room clearing and suppressing fire but you'll need to reload frequently.

  • RPM Conversion

    600rpm motor - 600rpm at 2S - 1000rpm at 3S

    300rpm motor - 300rpm at 2S - 600rpm at 3S


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