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Valkyrie Motor

Valkyrie Motor

Valkyrie motors have been produced as part of a colaboration between Out Of Darts and FoamBlast in an effort to provide a 3S motor that is optimal for entry level NERF builds.

There are many reasons why more isn't always better. With a low running current, Valkyrie motors are ideal for low to medium power.


Valkryies are a perfect choice for some of the 100fps games around the UK. Combined with Bulldog flywheels and a stock cage, Valkries will give you <100fps velocities when running on a 2S LiPo. This means you could potentially have one blaster for both 100fps and 130fps capped games by simply swapping your battery.


Science below.

35000 RPM
410 G CM Stall Torque
14 Amp Stall Current
Ideal Voltage 11.1 Volts
130 Form Factor


Price is per motor.


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