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Modified Stryfe
  • Modified Stryfe

    I'm not really sure why it's taken us so long to add these to the store, but we get asked about them a lot so here it is.

    Our pre-modded Stryfes are ready to run and are professionally upgraded using our popular kits. Inside you'll find everything included in our Stryfe Starter Kit but the tricky bit has already been done for you.

    Just charge the supplied 850mAh 2S LiPo and you're ready to start blasting.

    Using a stock flywheel cage  these blasters average 110-120fps which is up to 70% more oomph than stock. That makes these blasters so are perfect for most BritNerf games or just messing about around the house.

    Whilst we always recommend wearing safety glasses when playing with any dart blaster, these present an increased risk of eye injury for anyone receiving a dart to the face. As such, we strongly recommend that you wear suitable 'eye pro' when using these.

    As always, LiPo batteries require a certain amount of care to keep them in tip-top condition. Please refer to our battery care manual for information on how to look after them.


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