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Deans Connector

Deans Connector

OK, so technically these aren't Deans connectors, they're better for a number of reasons...

These AM-101-SE 'T- connectors' (waaaay less catchy than 'Deans') are made by Amass, the same company that designed the XT series of connectors.

Compatible with the more common Deans connector and it's knockoffs, the AM-101-SE boasts a more ergonomic design making them easier to connect and disconnect, lower resistance and a higher current rating making it the perfect replacement for any die hard Deans fans.

With a contact rating of 20A continuous, they're not quite as beefy as XT-60 connectors, but they are slightly more compact.

They're also supplied with an insulating rubber boot which can be handy for reducing strain on heavy gauge wires and can negate the need for heat shrink if you're that way inclined. It does add a considerable amount of length to the connector though so you'll have to sonsider that before you fit one.

Price is for one connector and a rubber boot. Currently we only have female (battery side) connectors available.


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