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XT60u Connector
  • XT60u Connector

    Ideal for NERF blasters due to the high current handling and compact size, XT60u are the connector of choice for the discerning modder.


    The majority of LiPo batteries are now fitted with them as standard so it is a good choice of connector. The XT60u connector was designed by HexTronic and quickly became a very popular connector in the RC community. Capable of handling a constant current up to (and beyond) 30A, the XT60u connector is more robust, safer and cheaper than the popular Deans connector it was designed to surplant. There are many 'cheap' copies of XT60u connectors that can sometimes wet themselves when shown a little bit of heat. Our XT60u connectors are manufactured by AMASS from high temperature Nylon to ensure they don't fall apart when soldered to meaty wires. The XT60u is the new, updated version of the connector which features a more compact design and better grip for disconnecting them.


    Price is for one connector.

    Select either male or female connector.

    Female = Battery end, Male = Blaster end.


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