Worker Swift Blaster
  • Worker Swift Blaster

    The Swift is the latest in a long line of innovative blasters from Worker and and is specifically designed to fit in the hobby market. With all metal internals, sealed breech and a range of barrel and spring options included, the Swift is the high powered, short dart springer we have all been waiting for.


    Out of the box you can expect muzzle velocities of 170 - 200fps depending on your barrel, spring and o-ring choice which puts the Swift firmly in the hobby sphere. One of the most amazing things about it is the fact that the prime remains smooth and effortless, even with the heavier 1.4 spring installed.


    If you want to engage the kids in the back garden, this is definitely not the tool for you... unless of course, you don't really like them.


    Box includes:

    • Worker Swift Blaster
    • 10 round Talon mag
    • SCAR barrel
    • Muzzzle brake
    • Spare screws, o-rings
    • 280mm barrel
    • 350mm barrel
    • 1.2 spring
    • 1.4 spring