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Worker Hybrid Pusher and Adaptors
  • Worker Hybrid Pusher and Adaptors

    The hybrid pusher makes it possible to build a stryfe based flywheeler that is compatible with both full and half length darts.


    The pusher is designed in such a way that it will feed both types of dart without the need to change anything internally. The forward Talon adaptor is designed to hold the magazine farther forward in the mag well, placing the darts closer to the flywheels and allowing the hybrid pusher to engage properly behind it. To change back to full lengths you simply need to eject the Talon mag and adaptor and insert a standard full length mag instead.


    Now available with a mag release leaver.


    Please be aware that the hybrid pusher will only work with the forward talon adaptor. The standard Talon adaptors found on our website will not work as they place the Talon magazine a little farther back.


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