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Stryfe Starter Kit - High Power

Stryfe Starter Kit - High Power

Everything you know and love about our popular Stryfe Starter Kit gets turned up to 11 in this version designed for big kids. 


Improve blaster performance by 100%, you just need a soldering iron and some basic tools to make the magic happen. We've tried to keep it as simple as possible to help those with less experience at soldering and included a 10A fuse in the kit to prevent stalls and shorts overloading the battery and ruining your soft furnishings.


The combination of powerful neo motors, high crush metal cage and high discharge battery will see your opponents running before you.


The kit includes:

  • Fang RV motors
  • Bulldog flywheels
  • 41.5mm metal flywheel cage
  • 18 AWG wire
  • Heat shrink
  • V4 microswitch
  • 10A fuse
  • XT30 connector
  • Thumb Screw
  • LiPo alarm
  • 900mAh 2S LiPo
  • Balance charger with UK plug


A video guide for the installation of the kit can be found on our YouTube channel.


Still using standard full length darts? Switch to half lengths and enjoy improved performance, greater ammo density and better value for money. Check out our range of adaptors, magazines and darts to take your blaster to the next level.


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