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Fuse Holder
  • Fuse Holder

    We've been installing fuse holders in every blaster we build for many years now. They are also included in our Stryfe Starter Kits as part of our effort to make electronic blasters as safe as possible. Everybody is aware of the potential hazards when using Lithium batteries, but few people install measures to actively prevent them.
    If you're not aware of what a fuse does, they're simply designed to break the circuit in the event of a failure. Should a short circuit or serious jam occur in your blaster, the fuse will blow protecting your battery and your soft furnishings from potential damage.
    Suitable for any single stage flywheel blaster.
    Our fuse holders are assembled in house using our 18AWG silicone wire to ensure they are properly rated for the job. Each one comes with 1m of wire and two 10A fuses.
    When installing a fuse in your blaster, it ideally needs to be as close to the battery in the circuit as possible in order to provide the most protection. We usually install fuses inside smaller blasters. In the case of the Stryfe, the fuse is positioned in the handle below the switch. In larger blasters it can be positioned in the battery tray for easy access.

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