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Digital Voltmeter
  • Digital Voltmeter

    Available in Red, Green and Blue, these digital voltmeters allow you to check the voltage of your battery on the go.


    LiPo batteries become damaged when over discharged so these tiny LED voltmeters will help prolong the life of your pack. Simply wire them internally to the battery +ve and -ve (via a switch if you want to be extra fancy) and you're good to go.


    Measuring 22.5mm wide, 15mm high and 9mm deep, these tiny little meters can be made to fit almost anywhere on a blaster. The two leads are approximately 100mm long.


    The penny pictured is for scale and isn't included with the voltmeter. If you'd like your own penny, get in touch and we'll include one for an additional £0.02.

    • Science Bit

      Technical Specifications.


      Voltage range: 2.5-30Vdc

      Refresh rate: ~500mS

      Measuring accuracy: +/- 0.01V

      Net Weight: ~5g

      Dimension: Approx. 23x15x10mm (without mounting ears)

      Cord Length: ~150mm


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