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Bulldog Flywheels

Bulldog Flywheels

The new V3 Bulldogs are the same wheels that we all know and love, but with one difference.


With the advent of ball bearing motors such as the Fang RV and Krackens, it had become difficult to allign the flywheels correctly in the cage because of the additional depth of the motor bearings. Many resorted to using shims to back the motor out of the cage but this can cause other issues. V3 Bulldogs feature a recess on the underside of the flywheel to accomodate these longer bearings and allow you to position the wheels correctly on the shaft.

CNC turned from acetal, these flywheels are "skookum as frig". Designed to reduce noise and vibration from flywheel systems whilst increasing crush and dart contact. These flywheels can help to increase dart velocity to around 140fps (depending on your setup).


These flywheels will work with all known NERF flywheel blasters that use standard darts (with the exception of the NERF Demolisher, unless you're using an aftermarket cage). Performance will depend on your motor and cage combination and the type of dart you are using. Chronograph data is provided as a guide to the performance you can expect from a specific setup.


Price is for one pair of flywheels.


For full details about the design and development of the Bulldog flywheels, check out this topic on the BritNerf forum.


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