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'Baku' -  Gryphon Remix
  • 'Baku' - Gryphon Remix

    The Baku from Fancy Impact Blasters attempt at creating a lower-cost, sub 130fps blaster based on the popular 3D printed Gryphon platform.


    Baku is a creature from Japanese mythologhy which was created from the parts of others. A fitting name for this blaster as parts of this remix have been taken from other Gryphon projects such as the 'Shirdal', as well as some of FIB's own in-house modifications.


    The Baku is designed to run Worker Hurricane wheels with Fang RV motors, the battery is housed inside the grip and has been designed to fit a variety of LiPo batteries. Baku uses a two-stage trigger, pull a little to rev the motors and then all the way to fire a dart making the Baku a blaster for use by all ages. All this combined has allowed the blaster to be really small, thin, light and easy to use.


    The Baku can be supplied with an optional NERF stock point allowing users to attach nerf compatible buttstocks.

    • Features

      • Semi automatic
      • 2 stage trigger
      • Straight Talon compatible
      • Fang RV motors as standard
      • Hurricane flywheels as standard
      • Performance up to 130fps
    • 3D Printed Products

      When you decide to purchase a product from Fancy Impact Blasters, you will be contacted by them directly to discuss exactly what you need. FIB will then create a 3D rendered image of your blaster to ensure they build your blaster just as you want it. FIB don’t want there to be any surprises.


      This product is supplied fully assembled using FIB's standard setup (see product features). As standard you get a choice of two colours but if you would like something a little more unique, contact FIB direct to discuss your ideas.


      This product is 3D printed by Fancy Impact Blasters to the highest quality using 3DQF filaments. The combination of production and material quality makes this product robust and reliable. This item is built to order so please allow up to 14 days for shipping. Fancy Impact Blasters will contact you direct after your order to discuss details and lead times.


      UKNERFWAR are acting as a broker in the sale of this product and has no part in the design, manufacture or delivery of the product.

    • Batteries and Chargers

      Please note that these products are supplied without a battery and charger. If you require these items they can be purchased separately.


      If you are requesting a custom blaster from Fancy Impact Blasters, they will advise which battery is most suitable for your blaster.

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