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3S 500mAh Extreme Pro Battery
  • 3S 500mAh Extreme Pro Battery

    Choosing the correct battery for your project can be a minefield so we decided to sort the wheat from the chaff and provide a selection of batteries that are particularly suited to nerf.

    Our newest battery from Overlander and for the moment, a UKNW exclusive. This little 3S pack is perfect for the Worker Nightingale since it's small enough for the battery tray, yet with a whopping 80C constant and 140C burst, it has enough zip even for the spicy version.

    This really is an incredible battery.

    Fitted with a XT-30 plug as standard. Other connectors are available for an additional fee. A small lead time should be expected when selecting a non-standard battery connector.

     All of our LiPo bateries are shipped at around 40% charge for safety. You should return your new battery to 100% as soon as you receive it.

    Warning! Science below:

    Capacity: 500mAh

    Voltage: 11.1V (3 cell)

    Discharge: 80C constant / 140C burst

    Dimensions: 57x27x13mm

    Balance Plug: JST-XH

    Discharge Plug: XT-30

    If you're new to using LiPo batteries, take a look at our 'Guide to Using a LiPo' which will debunk some of the jargon and provide you with some of the do's and don't's.


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