Worker Dominator Blaster

There's a lot going on with the Dominator. It was designed from the ground up to be massively customisable, offereing countless setup options. The shell is stong and the grip is a good size for adult hands. Internally it can accomodate up to a three stage flywheel system and a fully featured full auto kit making the Dominator one of the most multi-purpose blasters out there.


Not only that, but the Dominator is the first blaster to feature the propriatory 40 dart, double stacked magazines. Great if you like to put a lot of darts down range but don't like carrying too many mags. If this setup is not for you, the Dominator comes with some handy adaptor plates that allow it to accept conventional magazines. These can be permanently screwed in place or with practice, friction fitted in the field for more versatility.