Stryfe Starter Kit

*Due to the current global situation, our supply of Meishel motors has been interrupted. As a result we have altered the kit to work with Valkyrie motors instead. Installation and performance will be the same as our usual kit, but there is no need to modify the battery door as a 3D printed replacement is now supplied.*It's been a long time coming, but we've finally put together a complete kit for an entry level Stryfe build. The kit comes with everything a big kid needs to build a 120-130fps Stryfe, you just need a soldering iron and some basic tools to make the magic happen. We've tried to keep it as simple as possible to help those with less experience at soldering and included a 10A fuse in the kit to prevent stalls and shorts overloading the battery and ruining your soft furnishings. Kit includes:	Valkyrie motors	Bulldog flywheels	18 AWG wire	Heat shrink	V4 microswitch	10A fuse	XT30 connector	LiPo alarm 	0.95Ah 3S Lipo	Balance charger with UK plugA video guide for the installation of the kit can be found on our YouTube channel.